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Q5 Global Advisors core competencies:







Visual Factories

Standard Work

Job Changeovers


Lean Leadership

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Visual Factories - are designed for speed and to visually communicate clear standards and requirements to the team.

+ Observation Circles

+ 5S workplace organization

+ Point of use tool stations

+ One Point Lessons

+ Visual controls / Andon signaling

+ FIFO (First In - First Out) lanes

+ Transparent Guarding Techniques

+ 7-Major Forms of Waste evaluation

+ 4P work cell visual analysis process

+ Visual Safety Management

Standard Work - is a crucial element for improving. Without standards there can be no Kaizen / continuous improvement.

+ Standardized work instructions

+ Hour by Hour production Dashboards

+ Kamishibai cards or K-Cards daily checks

+ Value vs. Non-Value Activities mapping

+ Continuous flow Kanban Card Methods

+ Poka-yoke / Mistake Proofing

+ Work flow Balancing / Workcell design

+ Full facility or new ground up Lean facility design

+ Flexpipe Solutions

+ Inventory / warehouse mangement systems

Job Changeovers - focuses on the reduction of Down TIme and Non-Value Added Work at the process.

+ Highly Choreographed Changeovers & Set-ups

+ SMED (Single Minute Exchange of Dies)

+ Job 1 (machine calibration process)

+ 1C1J (One cart - One Job) work delivery system


+ VSM (Value Stream Mapping)

+ OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

+ JIT (Just In Time) deliveries

+ Lean PrePress work delivery Department

Sustainability - techniques are designed to hold the orginizations standards and promote discipline and improvements.

+ 5S Auditing

+ Go Look-Go See Gemba Walks

+ Kamishibai Cards or K-Cards

+ PEB’s (Problem Elimination Boards)

+ FLM (Floor Lead Management) Lean training

+ Cross Functional Work Groups

+ A3 Report Writing

+ Problem Solving Circles

+ Customer Landings

+ TPM (Total Preventive Maintenance)

Lean Leadership - techniques are design to help companies define, communicate and reach their desired goals.

+ CI (Continuous Improvement) Champion training

+ Standardized Gemba Walks for Leaders

+ Strategic Planning / True North

+ Obaya Room / Project Management Office

+ Monitoring KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)



+ Versatility Matrix

+ Master Scheduling

+ Steering Committee

+ Lean Administrative

+ Green technology / reducing carbon footprint

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