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A brief introduction to the owners of Quadrant Five


Leslie Pickering


Mr.  Pickering holds a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering. He brings 35 years of experience in international process improvement, manufacturing and operations. He is a recognized Toyota Production System specialist and is highly regarded as a Subject Matter Expert in the areas of  Lean Manufacturing. Mr. Pickering has gathered and shared Best Practices from three continents-Europe-Australia-and the Americas. Mr. Pickering was involved with and led teams that created state-of-the-art, World –Class Manufacturing facilities.  He implemented successful transformation methodologies within the Packaging, Beverages, Large Warehousing, Plastics and Automotive Industries, and was responsible for several major installations that consistently outperform comparative processes by two to five fold.


Leslie Pickering


Phone: 415 988 0000




Mark Zeilinger


Mr. Zeilinger holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering. He brings over 26 years of experience in manufacturing and operations. He is a recognized Toyota Production System Specialist, who has implemented successful transformation methodologies across a wide variety of industries, including  Packaging, Electronics, Construction, Plastics, Food, Automotive and Aerospace. He has been responsible for teams that have implemented these transformations and new methodologies to create from the ground-up World-Class Manufacturing facilities, with several major product launches, for organizations such as Del Monte, PepsiCo, Safeway, General Mills, Campbell’s ConAgra, Gallo Wine, Simpson Strong tie, Toyota, United Airlines, and the Foster’s Group.



Mark Zeilinger


Phone: 925 324 6265



Quadrant Five


Q5 is based in San Francisco California, USA. Our Advisors have extensive international experience in the areas of overall Process Improvement, Manufacturing and Operations.  The team is made-up of recognized Toyota Production System specialists that have implemented successful Lean transformations across a variety of industries.  Their experience has spanned across three continents and 17 countries. They have worked with many small, mid and large Fortune 500 organizations right here in the US.

Through Quadrant Five teams extensive knowledge in operational improvements and full site transformations, they've been able to teach companies and their people how to reach their full potential to meet their customers ever changing needs.

Mailing Address

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